Umeå University - ‪Geciteerd door 90‬ - ‪economic history‬ - ‪rural history‬ The inter-war land reforms in Estonia, Finland and Bulgaria: a comparative study. H Jörgensen. Scandinavian Economic History Review 54 (01), 64-97, 2006.


Aftonbladet is a Swedish daily newspaper published in Stockholm, Sweden. It is one of the largest daily newspapers in the Nordic countries. Contents. 1 History and profile; 2 Internet publishing; 3 See also; 4 References By the early 1990s Aftonbladet had run into economic problems, and many had Nordicom Review.

Track citations for all items by RSS feed Is something missing from the series or not right? Bardini, C., Carreras, A., Lains, P. (1995). The national accounts for Italy, Spain and Portugal. Scandinavian Economic History Review Vol. 43, 1, 115-146. 1995. T1 - Scandinavian economic history review.

Scandinavian economic history review

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24 Scandinavian Economic History Review Vol. L, no: 1 , 2002 Downloaded by [b-on: Biblioteca do conhecimento online UL] at 06:03 10 July 2014 ern periphery, while few authors would have disagreed that such a gap already existed in … Together with my good friend and LSE colleague, the late Donald Coleman, I was Assistant English Editor of the Scandinavian Economic History Review from 1952, when the work first started, to the Lains, P., Silva, Ester, Guilera, J. (2013). Wage inequality in a developing open economy: Portugal, 1944-1984. Scandinavian Economic History Review, 61-3, 287-311. Book Reviews Call for Papers: 6th EBHA Annual Congress in Helsinki THE SCANDINAVIAN SOCIETY FOR ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL HISTORY Carsten S. J e n s e n , Kurt V. J e n s e n and John H. Lind Communicating Crusades and Crusading Communications in the Baltic Region ABSTRACT The importance of communications and logistics for the Crusades has recently at- tracted some attention, … 2020-03-01 Scandinavian Economic History Review. Deadline is October 15 2020.

Scandinavian economic history review (Online) Scandinavian economic history review [Elektronisk resurs] Scandinavian Society for Economic and Social History. ISSN 1750-2837 Publicerad: [London] : Routledge, 2006-Engelska. E-tidskrift

SN - 0358-5522. IS - 1. ER - Reckendrees A, Weisdorf J. Scandinavian Economic History Review 2011–2014: A Report. Journal: Scandinavian Economic History Review: Abbrev.

Scandinavian economic history review

Scandinavian Economic History Review Abstract Green-Pedersen's review of my book on Schimmelmann gives the impression, in spite of its acknowledgements towards the end, that I have failed to employ modern methods and have in many respects presented a false picture.

E Bengtsson, J Molinder. Scandinavian Economic History Review 65 (2), 149-168,  av J Rogers · 1993 · Citerat av 8 — Åkerman, Sune 1977a. “An Evaluation of the Family Reconstitution Technique.” Scandinavian Economic History Review XXV (2): 160–170.

Back to (2) June 2013 The Economic History Review is the quarterly publication of The Economic History Society. Publishing reviews of books, periodicals and information technology, The Review will keep anyone interested in economic and social history abreast of current developments in the subject.
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Abdiweli (2003) has reviewed existing evidence and provided further. Scandinavian Studies; Historisk Tidsskrift (for Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden); Medieval Scandinavia; Scandinavian Economic History Review; Scandia  which aims at harmonising historical national accounts for all the Nordic countries, in International Perspectiv' Scandinavian Economic History Review 43.2. 'The Swedish East India trade and international markets: Re-exports of teas, 1731–1813', Scandinavian Economic History Review 51.3 (2003): 28–44.

3, 2000 Reviewed by Jari Eloranta. Jack Barkstrom's book aims at a theory of resource scarcity with political 112 days Scandinavian Economic History Review.

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SCANDINAVIAN ECONOMIC HISTORY REVIEW incorporating ECONOMY AND HISTORY VOLUME XXIX: 1, 1981 Slave Demography ofthe Danish West Indian Islands By HANS CHR. JOHANSEN* In recent years a number of studies have investigated demographic and social conditions among the slaves ofthe West Indies and the American mainland.

J Ojala, T Hemminki, P Nevalainen. Scandinavian Economic History Review 64 (3), 179-188, 2016.

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Reply to Knutsen and Sjögren”, Scandinavian Economic History Review 53(3), 85–92, 2005. “Should Swedish Economic History Pay More Attention to Historical 

12*, 2017.